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IP Board 9000DS-85 Electromagnetic interactive whiteboard

Size: 85" (1758 x 1308)
Technology: Electromagnetic
Resolution: 62000 x 46500
Orientation Accuracy: ±0.5mm
Writing Type: Dual Pens/Dual user
Weight: 21.3 kg
Surface Material:HPL (High pressure laminate with Melamine sheet)

IP Board T84 Infrared interactive whiteboard

Size: 84" (1720 x 1275)
Technology: Infrared Sensing (IR)
Resolution: 16384 x 16384
Orientation Accuracy: <1mm
Writing Type: Finger, Pen or any other objects
Weight: 28 kg
Surface Material: Nano galvanized sheet, aluminum honeycomb
panel with ceramic surface which also help you to write on the
board with normal marker

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