Gold vision co.

Proudly, Gold Vision Company is one of the largest specialist advisers in the field of consulting, designing and equipping conference halls since 2003, which is based on the experiences of a group of highly experienced and determined experts in a new way in accordance with the standards, that implementing and exploiting large-scale projects at the national and military levels as well as in the private sector.
The company is proud to provide the ground for the use of new technologies in the country by obtaining the official and exclusive representation of the largest and best manufacturers all over the world and offering the best warranty and after sales services.
The main products of our company are briefly introduced:
In the conference equipment section, a wide range of microphone types of wireless and conferencing with special features such as simultaneous translation, voting, attendance card, and control systems (smart) conference halls and communities include a variety of processors, Touch Panel for controlling light, sound, electricity, air conditioner, cameras and all audio visual equipment such as LED, video projector, DVR, VHS, video conferencing and other related control equipment, Variable matrix switches and splitters for HDMI, VGA , VIDEO, AUDIO, RGB, DVI, Speaker types, amplifiers, mixers, wireless and wired hand held and collar microphones, all kinds of equipment for transferring and displaying images, as well as automatic shooting of meeting rooms (Auto Tracking) with FULL HD cameras, storage (record) and video editing via video conferencing with certificates, FCC, IEC, CE, ISO 9001- 2000 (TUV).
Gold Vision Company has taken a big step in relying on research in the field of its specialized activities and access to the information of the day to meet the needs and satisfaction of customers. Also, the staff of the company has tried to believe that using these standards provide quality service to customers, resulting in the implementation of more than 850 large country projects.

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